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Tove Learning Trust

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Primary & Secondary Education

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Tove Learning Trust is a highly successful, and growing, multi-academy trust with three primary and ten secondary schools.

Our schools are based in the Milton Keynes, Northamptonshire, and West Midlands areas and work as one entity to improve and maintain a high standard across the Trust.

We strive to create career opportunities personalised to you to enable all colleagues to be the best they can be.

We actively promote continuous professional development for all and have extensive networking opportunities.

As an employer of choice, we recognise every colleague is an individual, we value diversity, and work as a team to remove barriers to equity.

We know that when you are ‘the best you’, whatever your role is with the trust, you will transform pupils’ lives. We recruit people for attitude and train for skills.

Recruiting the right teachers and staff help us to achieve the goals we set for our children.

Whether you are looking for your first steps as an academy support staff member, manager, or apprentice, an Early Careers Teacher, teacher, or leader looking to return to your teaching career after a break we look forward to hearing from you and truly supporting your journey with us.


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