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Oakwoods Care Group

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Adult Social Care

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Support Workers

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Our team are here to help you and your loved ones Step into Oakwoods, where the finesse of care converges with the homely embrace. Our committed team, boasting extensive experience in both specialised personalised care and residential lettings, welcomes potential respite clients to a haven of tranquillity. Skilled team members in creative arts and media are on hand to ensure respite is not only relaxing but also engaging.

At Oakwoods, we grasp the significance of cultivating an environment that caters to your unique care needs, creating a genuine home away from home. With a team deeply entrenched in compassion and expertise, we invite you to join us on a journey a journey where your well-being takes precedence, and each day is an opportunity for rejuvenation and connection.

Welcome to Oakwoods, where care is a steadfast commitment, and your respite experience is curated with heart and understanding. We take a pride in delivering a home and a service to the upmost standards. Oakwoods Care Group has been designed to the requisite standards with experienced team members who work within the care industry some of whom consult with other businesses on compliance issues when seeking CQC registration.

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