Think Avon is just about a mum at home earning a few extra pounds for extras? Well if that is what you want it to be, BUT there are many people who make Avon a full-time business that works any way they choose. From 6 figure sellers to Leaders looking after a legion of entrepreneurs. Online or in-person beauty is big business.

Avon is a market leader in award-winning, innovative essentials as well as ground-breaking trendsetters at prices customers keep coming back for.

Think Avon is only for women? Actually, 50% of the Top 10 sellers are MEN!

Many of them never see a product they just guide customers to their online stores and let Avon do the drop-shipping direct to their customers.

As many people have changed their shopping habits every online business has a huge opportunity to grow and Avon has been no different.

As part of one of the largest beauty brands on the globe, Avon gives back in many ways to charities close to their hearts at the same as providing a platform for anyone to earn a living in their own way and time with amazing training and help.

Think you know Avon? Think again.


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