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We’re an information technology company based in the UK with a revenue of over £10 million.

We’re also a really down-to-earth, friendly bunch of experts who love a BBQ and a natter round the campfire (our legendary Aiimi camping trip is always a good laugh!) We’re obsessed with creating ways in which technology and AI can manage people’s information intuitively, so they can be free to do their job better, smarter and quicker. They could be a Chief Data Officer worried about risky sensitive information scattered across their network drives, or an accountant wading through folder after folder looking for that one file they need.

Our tools make sure they get the information they need the moment they need it. An Aiimi person is… Relentlessly curious. Innovative. Intelligent. Bit quirky. Inclusive and diverse. Friendly. Ambitious. Leaders. Methodical. Honest. Problem solvers and creative thinkers. A start-up mindset. Not afraid to get stuck in and have a laugh on the way. Brains the size of a planet with the personality of a Labrador!


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