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QA Higher Education is a private UK higher education provider working in partnership with universities, colleges and education specialists to offer international students a range of programmes from foundation level, to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. QA Higher Education is partnered with the following three universities: Northumbria University London Campus, University of Roehampton London Holborn, Birmingham and Manchester centres, Ulster University London and Birmingham branch campuses.

Northumbria University London Campus:

QA Higher Education works in partnership with Northumbria University to deliver courses at the London Campus and Pathway programmes at the City Campus in Newcastle. The London Campus offers industry-focused Business, Computing, IT and Project Management courses amid the buzz of London’s business and financial district.

University of  Roehampton London Holborn, Birmingham and Manchester centres:

QA Higher Education also partner with the University of Roehampton to deliver undergraduate 3 and 4 year degrees at additional locations within London, Birmingham and Manchester. The programmes are validated by the University of Roehampton and taught by QA Higher Education staff.

Ulster University London and Birmingham branch campuses:

Ulster University’s London and Birmingham branch campuses are delivered as part of a partnership between the University and QA Higher Education. The branch campuses offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in business and computing subjects in professional learning environments. Our focus is to ensure graduates don’t just have a degree, but are highly employable and motivated individuals ready to function in a dynamic business environment. The programmes at the branch campuses are validated by Ulster University and are taught by QA Higher Education.


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