PJ Care is a leading provider of specialist neurological care and neuro rehabilitation for people with progressive or acquired neurological conditions.

We specialise in the multi-disciplinary care of adults and work with residents, families, charities and the NHS to provide the highest quality care for our residents.

Providing the very best care for our residents underpins everything we do. We strive to nurture dignity, independence and privacy through our purpose-built facilities, our highly trained multi-disciplinary team, the care models we offer and the therapies and activities provided. Every new member of staff is interviewed in the unit where they will work, and then pass through our comprehensive induction and mentoring programme, provided to support new recruits.

Our care models create continuous professional development for our staff – as well as our in-house training team, we have a practice development team and continue to use external training, as required. This ensures that all our staff are highly skilled and their expertise up-to-date. It also means that we have almost zero placement breakdowns – giving the best quality of life for our residents. Every day, in everything we do – we live by our three pillars which are … Compassion, Commitment, Care.


For more details and to apply check our website:- www.pjcare.co.uk

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