Costa Coffee is all about the people and the passion for coffee.

We believe in great coffee for everyone… and we mean everyone!

We want to become the world’s most loved coffee brand. We like to keep it simple and inclusive so there’s no pretension, no elitism and very few dos and don’ts. (This means slurpers are welcome, we find dunkers divine, and a dab of froth on a customer’s nose makes our day.)

Maybe it’s because we love coffee, but we really value a feeling of warmth in our teams and in our communities. We encourage trust, and empower our people to feel supported and make their own decisions. And we love a can-do attitude, boldness and the courage to create positive change. Some companies spout this kind of froth but don’t back it up in their actions, but at Costa Coffee we’re genuine.

We really mean what we say, and we’re committed to our people, our customers and our growth plans.


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